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Used Trailers

Ifor Williams 12×6’6 builders Trailer 2015

Ifor Williams 12×5,6 builders Trailer 2010

Pro tech 12×6 builders Trailer 2006

Bateson 12ft cattle Trailer

Ifor Williams 505 horsebox

Hudson 12ft builders trailer

Ifor Williams 12×5’10” cattle Trailer, sheep decks,2002

Ifor Williams 505 horsebox

Ifor Williams 12ft cattle trailer

Ifor Williams 14×6’6” drop side trailer 2008

Ifor Williams 506 horsebox 2008 model

Ifor Williams 510 horsebox aluminium floor

Ifor Williams 12×5’10 cattle Trailer, sheep decks

Ifor Williams 12×5’10” cattle trailer

Bulk trailer

Ifor Williams 14×6 plant Trailer, triaxle

Ifor Williams 12ft cattle Trailer with sheep decks

Ifor Williams 12×5’10” cattle trailer 2004

Marshall 11tonne silage trailer

Ifor Williams black classic 505,2006

IW 510 horse box 2003

Builders trailers/plant trailers

IW 8×5 drop side, lights, brakes, choice of

IW 10×5’6″ drop side

Flat bale trailer 30ft on air, hydraulic brakes

Cattle trailers

IW 10×6 old model (choice of )

IW 12×5’9″ old model c/w fold up decks (choice of )


IW 12×5’10” cattle trailer c/w decks (choice of )

IW 506 horsebox

IW 12ft cattle trailer (choice of others)

IW 14×6 cattle trailer 2011 model