Bomet Disc Harrow

Disc harrows are an implement designed for pre-seed tillage of heavy soil ploughed before winter season (except stony fields) when the humidity ensure the proper working conditions.The machine can also be used to rip and crush grassland and can be also used for stubble field skimming just after plant cutting.

In the series of 4-sections in the V-system, there are harrows with widths from 2,7 m to 3,15 m (8ft10 to 10ft4) Adjusting the rake angle of the discs in the range from 7° to 22° allows you to get the right quality of work depending on the changing conditions and type of soil. 

Discs with a diameter of510 mmor 560 mm, disc cleaners

The working depth is 6 – 16 cm. stone rack.

The disc harrow is equipped with quick release linkage for easier connection of the machine to the tractor