Bomet Subsoiler

Subsoilers are intended only for deep soil cultivation without compromising its top layer. They loosen and aerate the soil up to 45 cm in depth.

Subsoiling breaks the “plow-shaped sole” thereby restoring normal water and air conditions in the soil. In this tillage type doesn’t mix the surface and deep layers of the soil. It should preferably be done immediately after harvest, when the soil is dry.

The machine can also be used to prepare the soil before planting fruit trees, berry bushes and plants with deep root system.

All subsoilers are equipped with a solid frame. The subsoiler teeth are protected against being damaged by a shear bolt. In addition, the teeth are equipped with replaceable coulters and “mole”, which performs additional loosening in deep soil layers.

The machine can be equipped additionally with support wheels and spring tooth harrow.

Support wheels are used to determine the working depth of the machine. Spring tooth harrow cooperating with it rakes and levels the surface of uplifted soil, which limits the evaporation of water from the soil and accelerates the emergence of seeds sown during harvesting.

The offer includes 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-teethwith a spacing of 75 cm