Bomet 2 Row Potato Digger

The conveyor diggers (2-row) Upus are a two-row machine mounted on the three-point suspension system and driven by the tractor power take-off shaft.
The digger is adapted for a tractor equipped with the suspension system of the II and III cat.

For stable operation and transport, the digger is equipped with wide spacing road wheels. Properly placed ploughshare digs two adjacent ridges and side coulters mounted in the machine cut off excess soil and lichen residues. Undercut ridge is passed onto the sieving belt.

As a result of moving and shaking of the belt, the ridge is crushed and the soil is sieved through the conveyor bars with simultaneous passing of plant tuber / root dug towards the back of the machine.

In the digger there are one sieving conveyors with rubber cover belt to reduce the risk of damage to tubers or roots dug to a minimum.

At the back of the digger, there are properly profiled chute grates which direct the dug potatoes onto the ridge behind the digger. The chute grates allow for such a placement of plant tubers / roots dug which reduces the possibility of damage to a tuber / root by the tractor tires during the next passing.

The machine can be used on plantations with distance between rows: 62,5 – 67,5.

Distance between cutting disc 130cm