1200L Galvinsed Jarmet Crop Sprayer 15m Hyd Folding Booms

Tractor sprayers are designed for herbicide and pesticide application on field crops as well as for spraying the soil with liquid mineral fertilisers.
Each sprayer contains the following equipment:
• triple filtration system,
• a little container for washing hands,
• device for diluting the chemicals with water,
• sprayer with a shut-off valve,
• device for smooth field-boom adjustment
• hydraulic height control
• spring release boom breakaway
• triple diaphram pump
• pump size 100/170l/min
• 5 section boom control and booms are fitted with anti drip nozzles.
• Complete with step
• Self leveling booms
• booms can be folded independantly of each other and machine can be supplied with a valve bank to control booms if there is not sufficient valves on tractor
• single or triple nozzle outputs

Options available.

single hand land, hand lance and hose reel, self fill, foam marker, electric controls,induction tank