Bomet Stubble Cultivator

Stubble cultivators Apus are designed for cultivating field after harvesting, on concise and heavier soils.

The machine is equipped with coulters with cutters, which ensure a deeper mixing of crop residues with the soil, and the roller (tubular or V-ring) that cooperates with it presses the fluffed soil to the ground. A large tooth spacing of 42.5 cm and a height under the frame of 65 cm ensure smooth operation on fields with plant debris, and a screw or spring fuse protects against damage when moving over an obstacle.

Fixing the leveling discs (plain or toothed) on the tilting frame of the tubular shaft is advantageous due to the cushioning of overloads and the change of their position with the change of the position of the shaft. The shaft also allows setting the machine’s working depth to 15 cm

Working width (m)1,82,22,63,0 3,8
Working depth (cm)15
Number of teeth (pcs)45679
Distance between teeth (cm)42,5
Height under the frame (cm)65
Number of discs (pcs)5678 10
Disc diameter (mm)460
Tubular roller diameter (mm)500
V-ring roller diameter (mm)600
Machine weight (overload protection by screw) (tubular roller / v-ring roller) (kg)690 / 730750 / 800810 / 875880 / 9551050 / 1155
Machine weight (overload protection by springs) (tubular roller / v-ring roller) (kg)820 / 860915 / 9651005 / 10701110 / 11851345 / 1450
Machine weight (spring tooth) (tubular roller / v-ring roller) (kg)740 / 780810 / 860885 / 950965 / 10401160 / 1265
Power demand (kW / HP)45 / 6260 / 8275 / 10286 / 117114 / 155