Bomet Rotavators

Rotavators with hydraulic shift are designed for loosening and mixing the soil without reversing it, for crushing lumps, for cutting weed-out weeds. It can also be used to mix mineral fertilizers with soil on arable and vegetable fields.

Discs with the knives are mounted on the rotor shaft with interspace of 225 mm.

The machine is equipped with a traditional rear protective cover that limits the release of soil and stones. Raising the cover reduces soil fragmentation, and lowering it increases the fragmentation as a result of the impact of soil particles on the cover.

The working depth (12 cm) is determined by means of side skids or support wheels.

A very important machine parameter is the rotational speed of the knife shaft, which is 265 rpm.

Hydraulic shift, which is 56 cm, allows you to bypass obstacles and avoid damage to the plants by the tractor while using the machine, eg in orchards.