Jarmet Land Rollers

The essential need to use a land roller is to push down rocks, breakdown residue and level the ground for harvest, and subsequently reduce grain and yield losses, Flatter land makes subsequently for weed control and levelling tramped ground.

Rollers can be provided with road kits

scraper bar for cleaning barrel

Road wheels,400x60r15.5 on 6 stud axle

Adjustable drawbar height

Heavy duty hydraulic ram

  Barrel diameterWorking width  (cm)  Weight (kg)   Water capacity (l)  
Ø810  180 540 900
Ø810 200 6001000
Ø810 240 7201200
Ø810 275 800 1400
  Barrel diameter Working width  (cm)  Weight (kg)   Water capacity (l)  
Ø1220 30022003300