Jarmet Multi Harrow

Jarmet multi harrow is Designed for meadows and pastures cultivation and for early dragging arable fields after winter. It is indispensable in molehill levelling on meadows. The drag is built of a frame and a net of toothed, cost iron working elements inter connected by means of steel rings. Special hinges, ensuring transport stability, connect the drag parts. The nets of the drag are equipped with working elements of a two-sided application possibility.

  • tears out moss and dead thatched grass to stimulate new growth
  • breaks up the soil surface and encourages aeration
  • breaks up slurry and muck after spreading
  • spreads manure and levels mole hills
  • harrows in seed after drilling
  • remove broad leaved weeds from cereals and combinable crops
  • 2m,4m,6m Hydraulic Folding
  • adjustable aggression on spring tines
  • galvanised optional