Old Lurgan Road, Portadown, Co. Armagh, BT63 5SG. 07885866373

Used Feeding + Bedding Equipment

Bale unraveller/feeder

Kuhn strawchopper

Kuhn meal mixer

Redrock 5’10 sheargrab jcb tool carrier brackets

Blair beet chopper

Portequip calf creep feeders

Redrock 5’2” sheargrab

Reco diet feeder,auger type, side elevator, knives

K&k tub feeder,12cy front elevator

Redrock 5’11” sheargrab euro brackets

Taylor 12cy tub feeder front elevator

Reco storti 12cy auger feeder

Keenan 360 feeder steering axle, low profile wheels, 2009 knives etc

Shelebrone Reynolds 19cy twin tub front elevator

Keenan klassik 170 feeder bale handler 2007 model

Keenan klassik 170 feeder,bale handler twin axle 2007 model

Tarrup 856 dual straw chopper

Redrock 4’6” sheargrab euro bracket

Pto driven snake bale strawchopper

Teagle 4000 strawchopper

RMH 12cy tub feeder, 2000model, front elevator

Teagle 80/80 strawchopper, 360degree swan neck

 west 15cy tub feeder, front and rear discharge

Keenan 100FP diet feeder

Mon sgariboldi 10cy auger diet feeder

Keenan klassik 200 knives,scales, 2006 model

Wylie 6’4”  sheargrab, matbro brackets

Keenan klassik 100 diet feeder

Kidd Pto strawchopper

Keenan k160 diet feeder,6 paddle

Backend silage grab/ with bucket

Keenan mech fibre 340 diet feeder 2009 model, knives

schuitemaker 60 Silage feeder front elevator feed both sides

Mchale 6’2” shear grab manitou brackets

 Teagle 80/80 cable control straw hopper

Wooden meal troughs


Pto Fodder beet feeder, discharging at both sides

Hydrolic trailed beet feeder

Keenan 140 c/w knives


Diet feeders

keenan klassic 100 c/w knifes, bale handler

Keenan 100 diet feeder



Redrock 5’11” grab c/w manitou brackets, 3 ram

Mchale4’2″ quicke no3 brackets

Mchale 4’2” c/w euro brackets

Redrock 5’4”

Wylie 4’11” c/w Trima bracketS

Parimeter 4’7″ open front grab

Hispec Super 10 Diet Feeder

Keenan 100 Rear Discharge Diet Feeder